Why "The Bookkeeper"

Not every company needs a full-time bookkeeper. "The Bookkeeper" is designed for the full-time business which only needs part-time bookkeeping - whether it be once a week or once a month. 

Businesses such as these are mainly sole-owned or partnerships - people who have left their employer to venture out on their own. They're in that 'in between' stage - too small to have administrative staff, but busy enough that they need help - at least with the paperwork that goes along with running your own business.  And where does most of that paperwork generate from?  Yep!  The bookkeeping.  Bills from vendors, invoices to clients, checks to deposit, receipts to file, bank statements to reconcile, credit card charges to record.......the list goes on and on. Experience shows that with most start-up businesses, the bookkeeping is most likely performed by tossing everything in a folder or box to give to the accountant to sort out.

Consider this....do you really want to pay your accountant anywhere from $100 - $200 PER HOUR to sort through a pile of papers? Let your accountant do your tax returns, but let "The Bookkeeper" do everything else - for a fraction of the cost!

Using QuickBooks, we will take loose papers, statements, receipts, etc. and turn them into reports where you can chart anything from how much you charged at the gas station, to how much you earned selling a specific product.  It's that easy.

We know your business, we are ready to structure a system to fit your needs. Our flexible schedule allows us to be available after "normal" business hours and on many weekends. Go ahead, give me a call or schedule an appointment online to speak with me when it is convenient for you.